Marvel Boss Kevin Feige On How The MCU Draws Inspiration From Star Wars

If CinemaCon has taught us one factor, it’s that Disney is currently presiding over one of the maximum enviable collections of IP in leisure records. And at the vanguard of that lucrative dominion are Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The latter is on the verge of cinematic records thanks to the release of Avengers: Infinity War, whilst Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige lately spoke to The Star Wars Show (h/t ComicBook.Com) approximately the upcoming crossover and the way the MCU draws concept from Lucasfilm’s crown jewel.

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Feige started out by outlining his very own adolescence obsession with that galaxy ways, a long way away, and recalled the hours spent poring over Star Wars position-playing video games.
I study it from the cowl to cover and it was a wealth of recent records. And one of the high-quality matters approximately Star Wars and one matter that I suppose is fantastic about the Marvel characters from the comics and what we attempt to emulate within the movies is in case you’re the form of character that desires to go see it on starting weekend, our task is to make certain you have got an extraordinary time.

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If you want to peer it a 2d time, our activity is to make certain there’s more there. Third, fourth, 5th time, still extra there. And even the deeper you pass, there’ll be things to praise you. And I found out that without delay from Star Wars and from those West End Sourcebooks.

We have the middle organization of filmmakers of the government producer groups. Again, we’ve been collectively for almost ten years. And it’s a touch internal group that for diverse motives we call Parliament. At the least of that is we often yell at every other throughout tables. And keeping track of that is not as complex I suppose for us as it’s miles for Star Wars. We’ve got ten years, Star Wars has got like forty plus years. But it genuinely comes out of every character film and what’s satisfactory for each individual story that we’re telling however it’s far the middle organization of filmmakers that work on most of these films that maintain music of all that.

Expect the MCU to attain dizzying new heights when Avengers: Infinity War hits North America in the dark. Hell, there’s even been the talk of Marvel’s crossover eclipsing $500 million worldwide by way of Sunday. Five. Hundred. Million.

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