Fedor Emelianenko (36-5 MMA, 0-1 UFC)

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Staple info:

  • Height: 6’0 Age: 41 Weight: 236 lbs. Reach: 74.5
  • Last fight: TKO loss to Matt Mitrione (June 24, 2017)
  • Camp: Red Devil Fight Club (Russia)
  • Stance/striking style: Orthodox/kickboxing
  • Risk management: Fair

Supplemental info:
+ Multiple MMA championships
^ Pride, Strikeforce, Rings, WAMMA
+ FIAS world combat sambo titles
+ 12 KO victories
+ 15 submission wins
+ 24 first-round finishes
+ KO power
+ Aggressive pace and pressure
+ Dangerous right hand
^ Coming forward or off the counter
+ Strong inside of the clinch
^ Strikes well off the breaks
+ Good transitional grappler
^ Crafty submissions and scrambles
+ Excellent ground striker

Frank Mir (18-11 MMA, 0-0 UFC)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’3” Age: 38 Weight: 260 lbs. Reach: 79
  • Last fight: KO loss to Mark Hunt (March 19, 2016)
  • Camp: Drysdale Jiu-jitsu (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Stance/striking style: Southpaw/kickboxing
  • Risk management: Good

Supplemental info:
+ Former UFC heavyweight champion
+ Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt
+ Kenpo karate black belt
+ 5 KO victories
+ 12 submission wins
+ 9 first-round finishes
+ KO power
+ Improved feints and footwork
+ Evolved striking game
^ Dangerous left hand
+ Underrated wrestling ability
+ Excellent transitional grappler
^ Walks well from bottom or top
+ Devastating submission ability
^ Maintains awareness under fire

The primary occasion for Bellator 198 features the third installment of the organization’s heavyweight grand prix as Fedor Emelianenko meets Frank Mir.
A mythical heavyweight who will usually preserve a special area inside the hearts of those who witnessed his reign, Emelianenko will take another shot at championship gold when he steps into the cage Saturday. Helping encourage Emelianenko is Mir, a former UFC champion who might be making his lengthy-awaited return to the cage in hopes of adding another scalp to his wall.
With each guys being titleholders in opposite companies (PRIDE and UFC) for the duration of the same era, the anticipation for this matchup has been simmering for some time.
Starting off with theft, we have a war among two opponents who aren’t afraid to initiate placing stanzas.

Coming from a base in Kenpo karate, Mir movements uniquely well for a heavyweight. Traditionally combating from a southpaw stance, Mir will lightly jump inside and out of range, seeking out angles and openings that match him.

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From check-hooks to guide uppercuts, the 38-year-old vet puts his punches together nicely, often punctuating his mixtures with hard left arms or kicks. And due to the fact his time spent with Angelo Reyes, we have only seen Mir’s striking evolve even similarly.
Showing to be greater comfortable inside boxing variety, Mir can switch to an orthodox stance greater hopefully, displaying stepped forward mechanics and recognition than previously. Sitting down more on his punches, Mir’s energy additionally has come to life, losing three of his last 4 combatants.
But those upgrades aside, Mir is still at risk of taking huge shots due to his fearlessness to throw himself into the fireplace. Against Emelianenko, he may have a willing dance partner.

A sambo champion who stormed the Japanese MMA scene in the early 2000s, violence has been the attempted and real topic at some stage in all the iterations of Emelianenko’s career.
Setting a competitive tempo and stress that’s almost palpable, Emelianenko will come ahead behind feints that make space seem fleeting. Pawing with his left hand while maintaining a deadpan stare on his face, Emelianenko continues his proper hand deceptively cocked and geared up.

Once capable of getting a chunk from his opponent, he’ll crash the gap with casting fashion punches in conjunction with his counterpart, something that allows him to make amends for his attain. This approach, however, additionally makes for unforgiving collisions, an avenue that runs approaches in MMA.
Should neither guy right now exterminate the alternative in the initial striking exchanges, then I suspect that the clinch will grow to be being an assisting man or woman on this story?

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As an acclaimed sambo stylist, Emelianenko may additionally thoroughly personal the on-paper blessings on this space. That said, Mir is no slouch in the clinch, making quiet upgrades to his wrestling in latest years. Whether he’s changing his level for a double or chaining off to a single, Mir shows serviceable wrestling that might see a few lights on this combat.
Emelianenko has steered his style far away from takedowns and top pressure in the later chapters of his career, in particular relying upon his striking and veteran savvy as of past due. The former Sambo champ will nevertheless threaten the occasional Uchi Mata (hip toss) or foot sweep, but that’s normally just to create space to strike off the breaks.

Even in PRIDE, loads of Emelianenko’s ground entries got here off chaotic scrambles that saw him reverse positions (as well as fortunes) in the blink of a watch. When losing the wrestling stanzas and placed on his lower back, Emelianenko has traditionally been in a position to utilize his under-sized heavyweight body via explosive hip movements that allowed him to create space or secure armlocks.
The problem, regrettably, is that Emelianenko has been reluctant to appoint plenty his grappling strengths, and his defense – particularly inside of the cage – has left a lot to be favored from under hook cognizance to universal urgency. If he ends up under Mir, then we ought to see Emelianenko go through the equal fate that many have persevered.


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