Elon Musk building a cyborg dragon, because why now not?

When you’re Elon, there’s no purpose stop with electric powered motors, rockets, flamethrowers and tube transportation.

Tesla CEO, SpaceX founder and artificial-intelligence skeptic Elon Musk has tweeted ridiculous things inside the beyond. Remember, this is a guy who stated he is making a $500 flamethrower after which controlled to sell out of them in a rely of days on. So whilst he tweets that he’s constructing a cyborg dragon, there simply may be a risk he is clearly building something.


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Whatever the “cyborg dragon” truly finally ends up being, we will help you recognize. At this factor, maybe it’s a collaborative mixtape among Musk and Kanye West

While Elon Musk, the man in the back of SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company, is lively on Twitter, he sincerely comes alive thru the medium of Instagram. This is in which he drops engaging photos of electric vehicles, highlights hats and teases enthusiasts about flamethrowers. Musk published a chain of photographs in December 2017 showing his non-public pink Tesla Roadster on the point of (ultimately) be released into the area on board a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. He gave us this simple message: “A Red Car for the Red Planet.” The Tesla will no longer sincerely come to be on Mars, however, will spend its existence in a by no means-finishing orbit around the sun if the Falcon release goes as planned.


Elon Musk’s private roadster wasn’t heading to space all on my own as the payload on board the primary Falcon Heavy rocket launch. Musk published this early February 2017 look at a dummy referred to as “Starman” sitting on the wheel of the automobile.
Starman wears a SpaceX spacesuit and seems to be named after the cosmic David Bowie hit music.

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