Trump uses Social Media to Announce assault on Syria, Confess to Obstruction of Justice

In what is nearly honestly a worldwide first for any international chief, early this morning, President Trump used his Twitter feed to announce he is launching missile assaults in Syria. so much for the element of marvel:


Ten mins later, Trump fired off another pair of tweets, wherein he casually confessed to obstruction of justice:


the key phrase here is “No Collusion or Obstruction (apart from I combat back).” while you say “aside from,” you’re conceding it fits into the bigger class, whilst identifying it as an exception: I didn’t devour the cookies you left out, aside from the one that already had a bite out of it. In this situation, but, “fight returned” is an exception huge enough to embody all Trump’s efforts to

obstruct the research into Russian interference on behalf of his campaign. the whole thing from traumatic James Comey permit Michael Flynn pass lose to firing Comey to dangling pardons for Paul Manafort is combating again against the research. he’s rebranding obstruction of justice as Trump preventing back. Of direction, Trump already admitted a yr ago, on a digital camera, he fired Comey to prevent the Russia investigation, so it’s infrequently a Tom Cruise-Jack Nicholson second.
The confession came as a kind of aspect idea to his large point, that’s what his presidency is “very calm and calculated.” due to the fact manifestly.

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